DSC_0273 B &W

2078 Shadow of a Doubt

(Book 1 of The Transparency Series)


In the year 2078, The Future Party is in power and British citizens have embraced the ‘Manual’ a new government regime based on health and fitness.   

A young woman, Starla Carr, lives with her sick father on the south coast of England.  Her mother died in a freak accident leaving her to care and provide for her father.  Starla works for Govco, a government warehouse, as she cannot afford higher education or a vocational upload.  

Starla becomes infatuated with a young man she has seen frequenting her local shop.  One evening while trying to find him, she is turned into an alley and questioned by the man, Inigo ‘Jo’ Jones and his ‘Shadow’ bodyguard.  When Starla confesses that her interest is romantic, Jo, strangely, invites her for tea. Their conversation leaves Starla realising that there is something decidedly odd about Mr. Jones.

Cover artwork by the very talented Adam Ford

2079 Beyond the Blue

(Book 2)

After the events of 2078, Inigo ‘Jo’ Jones’ wakes to discover that his life is a lie; a reality created by a ruthless government that will do whatever is necessary to keep its secrets. Family connections may have helped him the first time, but now Jo must evade the clutches of agents in a bid to expose the truth.


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